Tomatoes Health Benefits

Tomatoes can be found in every kitchen in any part of the world. The fruit is usually used as herb for dishes with loads of health benefits. Along with the good taste, tomatoes consist of properties that are useful to your health.
However, these are not the only reasons to eat tomatoes. These followings will encourage you to eat more tomatoes and include them on your daily meals on a regular basis. They are good either being eat alone or mixed with other ingredients.

  1. Healthy Skin
    This vitamin A fruits is high in Beta-carotene. Similar to potatoes and some other fruits, tomatoes serve as a good tool of sunlight protecting. And lycopene in potatoes prevent the chances of fine lines or wrinkles in your face. You can use tomatoes as face mask.
    · Mash one ripe tomato in a bowl.
    · Add few teaspoons of honey.
    · Apply on your face then wash off with water.
  2. Strong Bones
    Tomatoes foster strong bones, which may comes as a surprise, but in fact it does. Tomatoes contain vitamin K and calcium that are necessary for bone strengthening. Besides, tomato is a good source of lycopene that enhance bone mass condition and dealing with osteoporosis.
    The best way to make use of tomatoes is to including them in your pizza, smoothies to make yummy and healthy dishes.
  3. Cancer Prevention
    Cancer cells can be prevented by Lycopene and vitamin A as well as vitamin C, which are available in tomatoes. Taking tomatoes on a regular basis might reduce the chance of getting cancers such as throat cancer and stomach cancer.
  4. Vision Improvements
    Basically, red fruits are rich in vitamin A that is good source for your eyesight. Along with carrots, peppers and others, tomatoes work excellent in improve your vision, especially during night time. Researchers also found that tomatoes can effectively prevent mascular degeneration – the serious eyes condition.
    ⦁ · Blend or mash up 2 tomatoes in a cup.
    ⦁ · Add few teaspoons of honey to enhance the taste.
    ⦁ · Drink it right after and keep doing 3 times a week.
  5. Smoking Damages Fixes
    Recent research has found that tomatoes both fasten quit smoking process and fix the damages caused by this bad habits. Tomatoes are consisted of coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid that can deal with carcinogen created by cigarette smoke.
  6. Stronger Hair
    Vitamin and minerals in tomatoes are good sources for hair follicle and cuticle. It protects your hair from sun damages and chemical applications. The best way to take advantage of tomatoes is making it your hair mask or hair conditioner.
    ⦁ · Wash your hair thoroughly.
    ⦁ · Mash up one or two tomatoes depends on your hair length.
    ⦁ · Mix it with few drops of honey to have the fine finishes.
    ⦁ · Apply the paste all over your hair then use a shower cap to wrap up.
    · Let it sit for 30 minutes then rinse off with water.
  7. Kidney Stones And Gallstones Prevention
    Recent researches and scientists have found out that tomatoes without seeds are good tool of prevent forming kidney stones and gallstones. So the trick with tomatoes without juice is to drink tomatoes juice.
    ⦁ · Choose two or three ripe tomatoes.
    ⦁ · Blend them for a while with sugar or honey to bring the taste.
    ⦁ · Drink the juice right after or put it in fridge then use later.

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